Rich & Dave will share the secrets of being successful dental speakers based on their 25 years of being among the highest paid and sought after speakers in the industry.

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It’s All in A Name!

Years ago one of us had a patient named James Dick. He was a great guy who referred his wife and kids and then his brother and his brother’s entire family. Some cousins and other assorted members of the family tree followed. One day an insurance company clerk called, saying to […]

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How would you read this sentence: “I think you need that crown.”

We all love email. And we love social media! We have been recommending regular communication with your patients for quite some time now, right? One thing we never discussed is how careful you need to be with your words in an email or anywhere else online. Question: Do you know how […]

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A Simple Important Lesson

Have you ever received an email from someone (typically from their office account) where the body of the email is one sentence long but it is followed by some crazy lengthy legal disclaimer that no one reads? We all have. Many times dental practices operate like that. We have seen […]

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