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We don’t. We can’t. We won’t. Sorry.

We don’t. We can’t. We won’t. Sorry. Okay – time for another very quick restaurant story. It’s one that can have some serious implications for your practice! At checkout in a local Baltimore lunch spot: “Would you like anything to drink?” “Yes – coffee please.” “We don’t serve coffee here […]

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A Quick Little Tip Taken A Step Further!

We all know that we should keep little notes in our patient’s charts about personal items. That way, when they return for a visit we can say stuff like:   “So how was your trip to Mexico?” or “How is that ballroom dance class working out?” or   “So is that […]

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Great Lesson in Five Seconds!

Sometimes a great lesson can take only five seconds to say and absorb. This one comes from Robert Schneider, the singer, guitarist and producer of the band Apples In Stereo. Though they have never had platinum sales or arena-level sellouts, they continue to put out great Beatles / Beach Boys […]

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