Rich & Dave will share the secrets of being successful dental speakers based on their 25 years of being among the highest paid and sought after speakers in the industry.

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"YOU Can Be A Dental Speaker"
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Course Title: “You Can Be A Dental Speaker”
Jan 22 & 23
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The Madow Brothers Blog

Why Patients Leave

Mrs. Johnson is a relatively new patient in your practice when a lingual cusp on a lower molar snaps off, necessitating a crown. She trusts your practice, so she goes ahead and schedules the crown even though her best friend Gloria tells her that another dentist in town has a crown […]

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Dental On Demand

These days everything from TV programs to movies to Chinese food is available “On Demand”, so why shouldn’t your dental supplies be? Darby Dental Supply is truly on the cutting edge of supply and demand technology, which means they have all the dental supplies your office needs exactly when you […]

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It’s Perfectly Legal (and will save you time…)

We are big believers in calling patients. Post-op calls from the doctor are about the best internal marketing strategy ever invented. (Our standard is any patient who had an injection or came in with a problem gets a call from the doctor that night.) Another fantastic touch is for new patients […]

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